Laser Fungus Sarasota, FL

Lisa Griffith-Limon, DPM and Shaun Limon, DPM - Limons Foot & Ankle

Doctors Lisa and Shaun Limon and their staff have been using Nail'n'Toe since November 2011. Both doctors are Board certified podiatrists who have served Bradenton and Sarasota patients for over 10 years. The office offers customized treatment plans with multiple options to complement the core therapy.

Office location: 2677 S. Tamiami Trail, Ste 5, Sarasota, FL 34239

Call (813) 472-7770 to make an appointment

Call (877) 927-3864 | 877-ZAP-FUNGUS to make an appointment with a Nail'n'Toe doctor near you. We are expanding and more laser nail centers will be available soon to service patients needs.

More Locations in the U.S.

We do have providers in other states and we are expanding the coverage. Call (877) 927-3864 | 877-ZAP-FUNGUS to get an update and make an appointment with a provider near you.

What does Nail'n'Toe include?

Your doctor will create an individual treatment plan for your specific case. A typical program will include 4 visits to the doctor's office spaced 4-6 weeks apart and a topical treatment at home over 3-4 months. The core of the therapy:

  • 1. Nail Debridement (trimming and filing with a special machine)
  • 2. Laser Treatment (all toenails are treated to eliminate all spores)
  • 3. Prescription Topical Medication
  • 4. Preventive Regimen


Laser for Nail Fungus - Safe, Pain-free and Highly Effective on All Skin Types

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